Meet the



Beau, a black tri boy, was a standout in a litter, held back for breeding due to his exceptional qualities. As a loyal companion with excellent conformation and a great temperament, his noteworthy traits are set to be inherited by his future puppies. Beau, being red factored, paired with Windy, has created stunning pups that are not only great family companions but also show prospects. All come with ASDR registration. 


Maverick, black tri, with blue eyes, embodies an affectionate demeanor with an amusing inclination to consider himself a lap dog. Demonstrating high intelligence and eagerness to please, he combines a handsome appearance with excellent conformation and a consistently agreeable temperament. Notably, these qualities are consistently passed down to his offspring. AKC, ASDR registration


What truly sets Spur apart is his incredible personality. He is filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm, always ready for an adventure or a cuddle on the couch. Whether it’s swimming in the pond or curling up at our feet, Spur brings endless joy and warmth to our home. AKC & ASDR Registered.


Beyond his ten pound frame and tough guy attitude, Woody possesses a heart of gold. His gentle demeanor and unwavering affection make him a beloved member of our family. Whether he’s curling up beside me or showering me with slobbery kisses, Woody’s love knows no bounds.

ASDR Registered

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