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Preferred Method of Contact
Do you know the grooming requirements for Aussies?
If inside, will the dog be in a safe environment under supervision?
If outside, will the dog be in a fenced area with access to shelter and plenty of fresh water?
Are you able to further train and take care of a puppy and his/ her needs (i.e. feeding, training, walks, playing, and providing a good space for them)?
Do you have plans to enroll your potential puppy in training classes?
Do you plan to stay/ neuter your puppy?
Do you have plans to or will you ever use this puppy as a stud dog or breeding dog?
Are you willing to take your puppy to a licensed veterinary at least once a year for annual vaccinations?
Is everyone in the home prepared and comfortable with the presence of a puppy that may jump, nip, chew during puppy training stages?

Puppy Information

What gender do you prefer?
What color do you prefer?
What size do you prefer?
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