Pricing Details

Deposit of $300 to secure your pup.

Final price will be determined between 4 – 8 weeks of age.  Additional cost for breeding rights, please see purchase agreement, read, sign and email back to me.  Balance is due 1 week prior to puppy pickup.

Puppy Pricing:

Confirmation, coat color, eye color, gender, size, markings, blood lines are all considered in the price of the puppy.

Black or Red Tri :  $800 – $1200

Blue eyed Tri: $900 – 1500

Blue or Red Merle: $1200 – 1500

Blue eyed Merles: $1500 – 1800

All puppies are sold as pets and without breeding rights.  If you desire to arrange  breeding rights this must be discussed and mutually agreed upon by buyer and seller at time of purchase.  Additional cost for breeding rights.

Puppy purchase balance is due 1 week prior to picking up puppy or you may pay the remaining balance in cash on the day of pickup.

Methods of Payment:  Paypal, cash, money order, apple wallet, personal check must clear bank before pickup.

Paypal is a secure and easy method which allows you to pay with credit card.

****We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our puppies to anyone, at anytime for any reason***

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