Meet the




Bette, a captivating blue merle female with striking blue eyes, boasts excellent conformation. Paired with Maverick, their offspring consistently exhibit outstanding qualities. If you’re seeking a puppy with show potential, their lineage is a compelling choice. Beyond aesthetics, Bette’s playful nature shines through – she’s a fetch enthusiast, ready to keep you entertained all day long. Interested in learning more or considering adding a pup to your family? AKC, ASDR registration


Windy, a stunning red merle female with blue eyes, a true velcro dog. Holding both AKC and ASDR registration, she’s my loyal travel companion, always up for exploration. Her puppies, adorable fluffballs, inherit her sweet disposition and playful spirit, promising delightful companionship. Interested in adding a furry adventurer and fluffball to your family?


Confetti, an AKC and ASDR registered blue merle female, is not just sweet but also incredibly affectionate. Paired with Maverick, their collaboration resulted in magical puppies with stunning coloring.


Meet Shine, the lively 20-pound dynamo who seamlessly oscillates between chasing cows and snuggling on the couch. Despite her small size, Shine’s energy and versatility know no bounds, making her the perfect companion for any adventure. Alongside her companion Woody, Shine excels as a nurturing mother to her pups, passing down her petite stature and unwavering loyalty. As a cherished member of the family, Shine embodies true companionship, brightening the lives of our family with warmth and joy.
ASDR Registered


Izzy, the pint-sized dynamo with boundless energy and a heart of gold. At just 12 inches tall and 15 pounds, Izzy jumps like a pogo stick and radiates joy wherever she goes. Her playful spirit is infectious, whether she’s bounding through the backyard or engaging in a spirited game of tug-of-war. Despite her small size, Izzy’s affection knows no bounds, and she melts hearts with her gentle demeanor and sweet gestures. She’s a constant reminder of the joy that comes from the companionship of a beloved furry friend, and her presence brightens even the dullest of days. AKC & ASDR Registered
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